Important factors for installation of aluminium profile mats: tolerance and heat expansion

The standard expansion tolerance of our matting systems is 2.0 to 2.5 mm on all four sides; i.e. 4 – 5 mm are deducted from the internal frame dimension to the finished mat dimension in both directions (walking direction and profile length).

Aluminium profiles might expand when exposed to heat. With large-size mats, the standard tolerance might be too small. When exposed to intense solar radiation, the mat might buckle in the frame or even warp where parts are connected if sufficient tolerance in the profile length is not provided.

When installing large mats, please provide additional tolerance in the profile length according to the following table:

Profile length
(Overall thickness, also valid for multi-part mats)
Tolerance in the profile length
(Tolerance in walking direction remains 4 – 5 mm)
up to 6 m 4 mm – 5 mm
6 m – 10 m 6 mm – 7 mm
over 10 m 8 mm – 10 mm

If you submit frame dimensions only when ordering a matting system (frame and mat), we will calculate the sufficient expansion tolerance according to the above table for you. The width of the frame will be added.

Example: Matting system, external frame dimension 8m profile length

External frame dimension 8.000 mm
minus frame width - 6 mm
minus tolerance 6 – 7 mm - 7 mm
mat profile length 7.987 mm


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